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  • 1.  Help: I can't post/reply

    Posted 03-18-2020 17:17
    Edited by Chuck Kalish 03-18-2020 17:27
    In order to post, you must be signed in and JOIN the community. In the list of communities you will see a blue "join" button to the far right. Clicking that button will join the community and allow you to post. If you are already at a community page, look for the "Join Community" button.

    You need to sign in to see the join buttons. If you see "Sign In" in the top right of the page, you'll need to click that and authenticate with SRCD's system. If clicking the "Sign in" button doesn't do anything, you may need to refresh your browser cache- easiest is to quit and restart.

    See the quick start guide for more information.
    Chuck Kalish
    Washington DC