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  • Thank you all for convening our action-focused meeting. Looking forward to being a part of this next step! -Alaina ------------------------------ Alaina Brenick Dr. University of Connecticut Hartford CT 9592003767 ------------------------------

  • Thanks so much, Chuck. I must confess that I'm just learning my way around here, so I had not yet spent too much time at any place. I will definitely take you up on the suggestion! Thanks, Alaina ------------------------------ Alaina Brenick Dr. University ...

  • With the current Covid 19 disruption, how are universities implementing Psychology Clinical Internships for students? ------------------------------ Stephen Asatsa Dr THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN AFRICA NAIROBI +254716842028 ------------------ ...

  • At the encouragement of Dr. Seaton, I am sharing here some initial thoughts about the important questions posed above, initially directed to Dr. Seaton and Dr. White via email earlier today. I want to apologize in advance for being unable to respond directly ...

  • Another great resource from Kimberly Crenshaw, one of the founders of Intersectionality. ------------------------------ Eleanor Seaton Tempe AZ 480-727-4359 ------------------------------


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  • Welcome To SRCD Commons

    SRCD is launching this site to provide new mechanisms for community engagement. As a first step, we are focusing on a set of communities organized around teaching of developmental science and Research Continuity during the COVID-19 emergency. There is a wiki-glossary for community definitions. Look to two "General" communities for discussions of this site, and a forum everything else of interest to our community. Don't forget to introduce yourself under the "Welcome" thread of the Commons Lounge community.