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  • 1.  Double Blind Peer Review

    Posted 06-22-2020 14:22
    A link to a Twitter poll from our Publisher. They are asking 
    Ethical question of the week: Researchers are now preprinting their articles regularly = it's easy for a reviewer to identify the author(s). Do you want our journals to still require double blind peer review?
     With 87 replies so far:
    Yes, double blind 42.5%
    No, single blind 13.8%
    No, open peer review 43.7%

    What do you think? I also voted for open peer review. They didn't have my favorite option, though: Open reviews but still double blind.

    The main drawback of double blind review is that it has kept the review chain hidden from the reader. Seems like we could have that but still maintain the positives of anonymity. Do people agree there are positive to double blind? At least 1/2 the most active tweeters are unmoved.

    Chuck Kalish
    Washington DC