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Library of remote methodological resources available!

  • 1.  Library of remote methodological resources available!

    Posted 08-27-2020 08:55

    Hi all.

    I have set up an OSF library that aims to provide a place for researchers to share freely available and validated methods for the remote (e.g., online, phone, app etc) collection of data from children and families.

    The idea of the library is to unite researchers who have appropriate methods that they would like to share widely with colleagues, and colleagues who would benefit from using them. The library will include all protocols and validation information.

    I recently wrote a blog ( which includes a bit about my rationale for the library.

    I work in the role of families and children's adjustment, and have uploaded to the library my own validated method for collecting parent-child interactions online, but eventually it will include methodologies in all domains (cognitive/socio-emotional/educational/family environment etc.).

    The library is brand new (set up yesterday!) and can be found here:

    Please do contact me if you are interested, and of course share with any colleagues that you think might be relevant.



    Dr Bonamy R Oliver
    UCL Institute of Education
    Universtity College London
    Tw: @bonamyoliver