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Syllabus/Reading list examples: Learning about racism/prejudice in early childhood?

  • 1.  Syllabus/Reading list examples: Learning about racism/prejudice in early childhood?

    Posted 08-14-2020 15:40
    I am in the process of designing a special topics course this coming spring related to children's development of racial/social biases. The course may broaden to include content about family/parenting/caregiver roles in anti-prejudice practices. I haven't taught in a while and I've never developed my own course. I am looking for examples of similarly themed courses, reading lists, or syllabi. I've already started building off of some of the publications/popular press articles and multimedia resources posted to the Building an Antiracist Society. Also looking for guidance on effective strategies for building space that will foster productive class discussions for a "hot topic" course.    

    Many thanks

    Charisse B. Pickron
    University of Minnesota

  • 2.  RE: Syllabus/Reading list examples: Learning about racism/prejudice in early childhood?

    Posted 08-15-2020 02:57
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    Hi Charisse, 

    I've been teaching a course "Developmental Approaches to Intergroup Relations and Victimization" for a number of years now. It's my passion course, taught in a seminar style, so it translates well to a special topics. I always bring in current topics and popular press readings as well as seminal and current empirical translational work. The focus for me is always on creating a policy, translational research proposal, or program implementation proposal as the capstone. I've even had students go on to use their capstones in the community orgs and schools in which they work with great success. I've attached my syllabus. Also, I've done a good bit of work on prejudice reduction and promotion of positive outgroup attitude interventions- those published are available on my personal website (others are in progress and we're getting them out ASAP, but are happy to talk with folks before hand). under publications- all available by pdfs. Other general pubs available for general intergroup attitude development. 

    I've attached my Fall 2018 version of the syllabus as I'm still updating for my teaching it in the spring and I'm currently updating my Diversity Issues in Human Development Class, and prepping a course on White Anti-Racism. I typically update some of the articles, but they are some that do really well. I'm happy to answer any questions. 


    Alaina Brenick
    University of Connecticut