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Tips for recruiting kids who meet specific inclusion criteria

  • 1.  Tips for recruiting kids who meet specific inclusion criteria

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hello all,

    Thalia Goldstein and I have a research project focused on understanding how children transition from belief to disbelief in Santa Claus. Initially, our recruitment focus was on children ages 6 to 12 who had stopped believing in Santa within the last 6 months. More recently, we've expanded the project to include any child between 6 and 17 who celebrated Santa at some point but no longer believes that he is real (and any adult 18 and up who celebrated Santa at some point as a child; you can see our website for more information).

    We've had two primary routes for recruitment up to this point: social media posts (e.g., Facebook, twitter) and word of mouth. Recruitment has been okay, but I keep wondering if there are other ways to reach families that we should consider. We do recognize that there are some challenges in recruiting families for a project on Santa that might not be a problem for other kinds of studies, and that every specific inclusion criteria might have its own recruitment approach. Still, though, I'm curious to hear people's ideas and experiences.

    Thank you!

    Candice Mills
    The University of Texas at Dallas
    Twitter: @CandiceMMills

  • 2.  RE: Tips for recruiting kids who meet specific inclusion criteria

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Candice,

    Have you tried Facebook ads specifically or just posts through your own pages/groups? I haven't done this yet, but am in the process of setting it up through my university. The pricing seems very reasonable and Facebook does the work to target who would meet the criteria. For example, I am targeting young adults who have not attended college in particular cities in my state. If you have tried the Facebook ads and are still not having much success, I'd love to hear about that!


    Virginia Tompkins
    The Ohio State University-Lima
    Lima OH

  • 3.  RE: Tips for recruiting kids who meet specific inclusion criteria

    Posted yesterday

    I just finished recruitment on a study targeting 14-18 year old adolescents living in the United States and relied on Facebook and Instagram ads for recruitment and survey data collection. The pricing ended up being more reasonable than I expected at about .50 cents per survey completed (excluding those surveys that were completed too quickly, etc.). I was able to offer a small Amazon gift card as an incentive so that may have also helped with the lower "per link click" rate. As Virginia noted, the ads provide options for targeting certain groups which is quite nice and you can set up daily budgets to make sure the spending on ads stays within a limit.


    Guadalupe Espinoza
    Associate Professor
    CSU, Fullerton