Building an Antiracist Society

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  • Building an Antiracist Society

    This community is a space for discussing how developmental science can play a key role in fostering an antiracist society. We have started a series of threads to organize the conversations. Please try to contribute to an existing thread, rather than starting a new one. The community also has a library of resources available. Please feel welcome to upload or share any resources that have been helpful to you.

    To help keep things organized, we suggest using a standard set of tags in posts (clicking on a tag searches for all other messages containing that tag). If you start a new thread, please use at least one of the below tags.​​ The suggested tags are:

    Join us for two debriefing sessions on SRCD Commons with the panelists from the recent SRCD webinar, "Becoming an Antiracist Society: Setting a Developmental Research Agenda."
    • Wednesday, July 8th, 4:00-5:00pm Eastern with Drs. Gabriela Livas Stein and Margaret O'Brien Caughy
    • Tuesday, July 14th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern with Drs. Eleanor K. Seaton and Rebecca M.B. White.

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  • I just got an off-commons question about number 6. Number 6 involves evidence of psychometric equivalence of measures across groups. This could be across groups defined by race or ethncity (or by any other social positions, incluidng immigrant vs. non-immigrant). ...

  • Thanks for addressing these questions. I love having specific phrases for moments when I feel caught short so your examples of what exactly you can say are very helpful! ------------------------------ Betsy Blackard Claremont CA -------------------- ...

  • Another series of videos about racism. ------------------------------ Eleanor Seaton Tempe AZ 480-727-4359 ------------------------------

  • As a part of my anti-racist work, I am trying to commit to regular engagement with this community by answering questions that came up in the webinar. One question that came up that we did not get to answer during the webinar was: Could you give examples ...

  • Thanks Betsy and Anna for providing this valuable information! I have also recently realized that we cannot access email addresses from your commons comments. So, responding to the survey will be key to making sure we can contact everyone efficiently ...

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