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  • Please see below about a study relevant to antiracist scholarship that you might be interested in participating in.

  • Greetings Joanna, You raise an interesting and important question. Like Kristin and Charisse, I too often provide a list of participants' self-identified social identities with the percentages/counts represented within the sample. However, I appreciate ...

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  • Interesting question. I do something similar to what Kristin Buss suggested. Most recently demographic forms that I use have changed wording to ask participants how they identify vs. which race or ethnicity category they belong to. Then all demographic ...

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  • Instead of characterizing my sample, I have started to just provide all the details. Describe number and % of participants in various categories (race, ethnicity, income, education). We avoid saying things like "majority of sample was white, middle class". ...

  • Greetings community! - I have a concrete (but not simple) question on which I would appreciate some feedback. For reporting to an NIH funding agency we provide demographics on the currently enrolled participants. Currently, we use the term "diverse" ...

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