• Building an Antiracist Society

    This community is a space for discussing how developmental science can play a key role in fostering an antiracist society. We have started a series of threads to organize the conversations. Please try to contribute to an existing thread, rather than starting a new one. The community also has a library of resources available. Please feel welcome to upload or share any resources that have been helpful to you.

    To help keep things organized, we suggest using a standard set of tags in posts (clicking on a tag searches for all other messages containing that tag). If you start a new thread, please use at least one of the below tags.​​ The suggested tags are:


    SRCD has hosted two webinars related to building an antiracist society. The first webinar on 6/30/20, “Becoming an Antiracist Society: Setting A Developmental Research Agenda,” explored the origins of and contributors to the development and continuation of individualized and systemic racism in White communities, recognized why research is limited in this area, and outlined next steps for a developmental research agenda. The second webinar, “Becoming an Ally and Co-Conspirator in Developmental Science,” was held on 11/18/20 and explored how to be agents of change to dismantle hegemonic ideologies, theories, and methodologies that have shaped the field of development science and reified through the curriculum, advising, mentoring, research, funding, and service that have become the hallmark of the field.

    Please join in the discussion threads to explore how we, as developmental science communities, can support this important work.

    If you missed the Becoming an Antiracist Society: Setting A Developmental Research Agenda webinar, the recording is available here:

  • Research Continuity Community

    Welcome to the Research Continuity Community. Please contribute you ideas, experiences, resources, and questions for keeping your research programs going during the Covid-19 crisis. Please consider sharing successful protocols/consent forms, recruitment strategies, testing platforms, and study materials. Also feel free to discuss issues around keeping a lab going, finding ways to engage with research without collecting data, or any other coping strategies.
  • Welcome to Teaching Tips & Questions

    This is a community for discussion of all things related to teaching developmental sciences at the post-secondary level. Please share your experiences, challenges, and solutions with colleagues. With Covid-19 we are especially focusing on solutions and practices for moving instruction online.

    This community is primarily devoted to questions and answers. There is a separate community for exchanging materials (videos, assignments,...). We are working on building a library of curated teaching materials as well.
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  • Teaching Materials Exchange Community

    Welcome to the Teaching Materials Exchange Community. This community provides a forum for people to share resources related to teaching Developmental Science. Please share syllabi, lesson plans, assessments, slides, videos,.... You can see entries organized into folders by clicking the "library" tab. Entries are also tagged (#hashtags) for easy searching. There is a separate community for advice and questions about teaching here.
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