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SRCD has teaching materials (Monograph Matters, Briefs & Fact Sheets) 

03-30-2020 10:49

Just a reminder that SRCD has resources that can support course re-vamps.  

SRCD Monographs now features the Monograph Matters website, with videos and other teaching materials related to monograph topics.  Granted, the topics are fairly specific and only a handful of issues are currently available, but it may be worth checking out if you are looking for materials that illustrate and summarize individual research projects. The link is https://monographmatters.srcd.org/ .  Click on either the Past Issues or Resources tab at the top to find the studies and materials that are available.  (and yes, full disclosure, my work is on there :-)   )

You may also find other resources on the SRCD website useful for developing assignments or assessments. Documents related to relevant policy issues are at https://www.srcd.org/policy-engagement/resources,   Research Briefs and Fact Sheets are available at  https://www.srcd.org/research/briefs-fact-sheets

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