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Strengths for Learning among Indigenous- and Mexican-heritage children and families 

06-30-2020 15:55

Along with understanding and combatting deficit models, my team has been working to document strengths of Indigenous- and Mexican-heritage children and families, such as inclusivity, helpfulness, initiative, collaboration, and keen attention.  We have made five 3-minute research videos, that have won awards in NSF's annual contest, and have spawned very generative discussions. 

This year's video shows ways that Indigenous and Mexican-heritage families foster their children's contributions at home and help them learn to collaborate.

Our 2019 3-minute video shows the impressive ways that Mexican-heritage children collaborated in a planning task and programming a computer game. 
Our 2018 video for NSF,  “Learning by Helping,” shows the helpfulness of Mexican-heritage children whose families don’t have much schooling.
Our video from 2017 focuses on the sophisticated collaboration of Mexican-heritage and Indigenous American children.
Our 2016 video "Learning by Observing" draws attention to strengths for learning via keen attention, among Indigenous and Mexican-heritage children.

You might be interested in this paper that focuses on combatting the deficit model through understanding strengths for learning. 

Rogoff, B., Coppens, A., Alcalá, L., Aceves-Azuara, I., Ruvalcaba, O., López, A., & Dayton, A. (2017). Noticing learners’ strengths through cultural research. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 12, 876-888.

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06-30-2020 18:03

I love these videos and they are models of a strengths-based perspective. They are also excellent teaching resources. Thank you for your work and for sharing, Barbara and team!

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