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Understanding the System of Racial Inequity 

06-09-2020 15:03

Contributor: World Trust Educational Services

The purpose of this module is to provide a frame that supports Understanding the System of Racial Inequity by:

  • Providing a “systems” frame that allows individual and group exploration into the nature of structural racialization
  • Understanding what it means to use a systems analysis for understanding structural inequities
  • Developing emotional intelligence and practicing strategic approaches to address structural inequity.

Context/Target Audience: Understanding the System of Racial Inequity is a starting place, ideal for those new to structural racism. These groups might include parents and teachers in K - 12 school communities, higher education professors and administrators, local and national government employees, health care providers, faith-based leaders and practitioners, and community-based cultural workers. The module is broken into sections that are ideally implemented in order, with the community builder first, the main lesson plan in the middle, book-ended by artistic production or case studies and next steps.

Estimated Time: 4 Hours

Materials: Laptop with Internet access, projector, screen, copies of handouts, paper, pens, 3 easel-size sheets of paper, markers, tape or easels 

PowerPoint Presentation: This facilitator’s guide refers to and will support you in using the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies this Racial Equity Learning module. 

Handouts referenced in the directions can be found at the end of this Facilitator’s Guide: Stories Legacy Discussion Sheet, Rock River Tree Image Handout, and System of Inequity Glossary


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