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Studying language learning during a pandemic

  • 1.  Studying language learning during a pandemic

    Posted 06-09-2020 11:52
    Parents everywhere share clips of their kids talking with friends and family using social media or text messages. And they are doing it even more now that it's harder to visit in person. We want them to keep doing that, but for science. Using our app. 
    The goal is to understand how social distancing, school closures, mask-wearing, and all the rest are affecting child language development. It's like those projects where bird-watchers help scientists track bird migrations around the world. But with kids instead of birds. And language instead of migrations. 
    The project is good science. But as a parent of a toddler, I believe parents will also find it's good fun, and helps them connect with their kids, their family, and their friends. 
    This is the follow-up to the survey we've been running. If you are a parent, please check it out. If you know some parents, please forward this to them. Obviously, if we're going to understand the impact of social distancing, time is of the essence. 
    People interested in learning more about the science can follow us on twitter (@KidTalkScience), Facebook (KidTalkScrapbook), or Instagram (@KidTalkScrapbook). 

    Joshua K Hartshorne, Boston College
    Yi Ting Huang, University of Maryland, College Park