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Call for chapters: E-book on teaching developmental science; proposals due Dec 1
0 7 months ago by Karen Brakke
1 one year ago by Tom Liu
Original post by Stephen Asatsa
Upcoming Consortium Webinar: May 19, 2022
0 2 years ago by Rose Ippolito
course materials on child development and social policy
0 3 years ago by Christy Buchanan
childhood, school & remote learning - for undergrad life span course
0 3 years ago by Ruth Tincoff
Syllabus/Reading list examples: Learning about racism/prejudice in early childhood?
0 3 years ago by Charisse Pickron
2 3 years ago by Stephen Asatsa
Materials for discussion around inclusion and diversity in research
1 4 years ago by Jasmine DeJesus
Original post by Catherine Tamis-Lemonda
re: 3-min videos on culture and development
0 4 years ago by Jasmine DeJesus
Tagging Materials & Resources
2 4 years ago by Chuck Kalish
Example online teaching resources in Biology: Data Nuggets
0 4 years ago by Chuck Kalish
Online Learning: Establishing a Student Code of Conduct and Expectations for Participation [CROSS-POST]]
0 4 years ago by Gabriela Galeano