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Lingyu Machinery is a influential provider of complete solutions for compressed air purification. Lingyu has introduced mature technology from Germany with high automation. Lingyu Machinery focuses on refrigerated air dryers and adsorption desiccant dryers. They also produce precision compressed air filters. 

Usually, their dryers are used together with famous air compressor brands to serve customers, such as Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, Hitachi, Sullair, Hanbell, and Bosi. For many years, they have been focusing on technology and brand. The entire R&D team has more than 15 people. They independently researched and developed multiple new types of compressed air dryers, such as vsd refrigerated dryers, explosion-proof dryers, high-pressure dryers, zero gas consumption drum wind heat and compression heat absorption dryers, as well as stainless steel dryers and marine platform dryers. Therefore, they have extremely strong customization capabilities. The dew point of the refrigerated dryer is 2-10℃. The dew point of the adsorption dryer can reach -20℃, -40℃, and -70℃.  For more information about adsorption desiccant air dryer, you can visit below link: