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6 Chicken Breeds to Get as Your Emotional Support Animal - 2021 Guide

Looking for a different kind of emotional support animal? How about a coop of lively and colorful chicken? Usually, people choose dogs and cats as their ESAs but they will have to look after them like kids. People who do not have enough time to take the responsibility of a cat or a dog, look for an animal that is easy to take care of and a chicken fits the bill perfectly.

However, to keep a rare and exotic chicken breed, you will have to acquire a genuine and real ESA letter. This is because some chicken breeds are extremely rare and less in number and you may need special permission to keep them.

Other than the usual chicken that we see every now and then, there are some special kinds of chicken breeds that are a delight to look at. They make a great addition to your coop and they are as capable of providing you the needed comfort as any other animal. In case of bringing in a rare chicken breed, make sure that you get a valid emotional support letter beforehand.

Chicken is a lovely and colorful creature and below, we have added 6 of the cute and lesser-seen chicken breeds.

ISA Brown

ISA Brown is better known for its extraordinary ability to lay eggs. This chicken breed is the most famous amongst the other chicken breeds. The breed was introduced in 1978, by a French company and since then, they are known as the most loved chicken to have on farms.

Plymouth Rock

Other than ISA Brown, Plymouth Rock is also known for its remarkable egg-laying capabilities. This chicken is quite relaxed and they love to be around kids. First introduced in the 1900s, this chicken breed gained immense popularity and is a great addition to your backyard chicken coop.

Much like the emotional support dog certification, an ESA letter for chicken will help you live with your favorite colorful beings without paying an extra penny.


This chicken breed is an Australian breed and you are likely to see them in an Australian household more often. These are also one of those chicken breeds that keep you well stocked with fresh eggs while making a great addition to your backyard. They have beautiful black, white and blue color hues.

Naked Neck Chicken

This breed has a very unique look and they are absolute eye-catchers. They have come from Transylvania and they have a distinct hairless neck. They look like the mini versions of turkeys and some even consider them a cross between a chicken and a turkey.

Orpington Chicken

These chicken are an embodiment of everything motherly and homely. Looking at them gives an instant feeling of home and due to their fluffy feather coat, they could withstand the harsh British weather easily.

‘Can I take them to another country as my ESA?’ Yes, you can but, firstly, you will need a emotional support dog letter and, second, you may have to travel by road for it since airlines do not allow them.

Silkie Chicken

One of the most unique looking chicken breeds, a Silkie earns lots of looks from everywhere they go. They are naturally small in size and do not weigh more than 1.5 to 2 kilos. They have an immense presence and due to their rarity, you may have to fulfill additional paperwork to get some as your ESA.

Many people ask why they need an ESA letter for housing to bring in a coop of chicken. It is because many housing facilities do not allow animals and to bring one home, you will have to get a valid letter.