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Most Common Spelling Mistakes Made by Students in Essays and How to avoid them

A crucial and greatest skill that every student gets during their educational career is writing. Assignment writing is a great skill for students because it is a way that enables students to express themselves logically. It is not easy to write impressive and quality Essay Writing Service; however, with strong dedication and commitment, it can be learned at ease.  

Students make different mistakes before they actually become able to write with quality. In other words, students make several grammatical mistakes that prevent them from getting outstanding grades. They may also feel much disappointed., they shouldn’t get disappointed but must put more effort into learning to become confident enough to tackle different kinds of writing. 

This article aims to list out the most common spelling mistakes made by students when writing academic essays while assisting on how to avoid them.

  1.     Definitely

Definitely is a commonly misspelled word. It is misspelled by students because of pronunciation. Professional writers say that the word “definitely” can arguably be the most misspelled word in English. A student will find it difficult to believe that a large number of scholars do not even know how to spell this word. They face this challenge because of the impulse of adding an “a” to a word.

  1.     All Right

You may have seen many writers writing “yes that is right”. They are doing fine if they use it in formal writing. But if they use the word “alright” in formal writing. Then they are doing wrong. Because it is “All right” not “alright”. Every student including you should opt to use the word “all right” when writing an essay or any other kind of academic paper. Though, the word “alright” could be used in informal writing or context.

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  1.     Accommodate

Spelling the word “accommodate” is one of the highly critical and tricky tasks for many students. Many students find it risky to navigate. They sometimes see themselves in a knot even if they try to correctly put the number of M’s and C’s when spelling this “Accommodate”.

  1.     Forty

Spelling forty wrongly is also one of the common spelling mistakes made by students. In other words, many students fail to spell forty accurately. Students fail to spell it correctly because it (forty) is derived from “four”. The mistake students make is they include “u” when spelling “forty” because “four” has “u”. It is almost very common that students spell “forty” instead of forty. Hence, always take care to not write “Paper Writing Service” when spelling forty.

  1.     Tattoo

Words that have two or more double alphabets are more likely to be spelled wrongly by students. The perfect examples are tattoo and committee. Most of the time, students spell tattoo as “tatoo”. A tattoo is misspelled by scholars as well and you may witness it when reading research papers. But always make sure that tattoo has double “t” and double “o”. So ensure you write “tattoo” when writing it in your essay.

  1.     Tomorrow

You may also see people misspelling tomorrow. I had personally misspelled tomorrow many times when I was a student. It has been misspelled because students sometimes use “m” two times instead of “r”. Hence, take special care of this when using it in your essay writing.

Indeed no one of us can be perfect. And the same applies to you. It means you can make mistakes when writing your essay. 

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