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Supporting Parents To Help Children Thrive

Parents are the frontline public health workers–they nurture and support, supervise and teach healthy habits, make sure their child is safe and supported in their community, and help their child get the education and health care they need. Parenting can present many joys and challenges. For parents who don’t have many resources, these challenges may be harder to tackle. Parents may need help facing those challenges. Learn how CDC helps parents get the support and information they need. An essay writer is a person whose job is to create articles and topic related to child care can easily be highlighted in an essay format.




Parents play a critical role in a child’s brain development. They are their children’s first teachers and prepare them for increased independence. As the child grows and develops, there are many things parents can do to help their child. CDC provides tips to help parents learn more about positive parenting and their child’s development, safety, and health at each stage of their child’s life. Parents can track their child’s developmental milestones and act early if there is a concern. The writer assigned to write my essay for me task about parenting is qualified to the same academic level or higher than your writing requirements.

Legacy for Children™—supporting mothers

Parents need information, but they also need support. Parents often turn to each other for information and support, but not all parents have access to what they need. Legacy for Children™ (Legacy) is a group intervention for mothers and children to help children from families with few financial resources grow and learn. The goals of Legacy are to

  • Support sensitive, responsive mother-child relationships;
  • Help mothers feel good about themselves in their role as parents; and
  • Foster relationships among mothers so that they can support each other.

Legacy works toward these goals through several avenues: group meetings where mothers can talk with each other and a group leader; mother-child time where they can practice skills; one-on-one sessions with the group leader to talk about individual mothers’ needs; and participation in community events. Legacy was developed through studies at two research sites: Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. The writer assigned to write my essay request about children health is qualified to the same academic level or higher than your writing requirements.

Legacy has been used in many different communities, while studies continue to collect information about how the program works and how it could be improved. Mothers who participate in Legacy express interest in learning about how children develop and how to improve their parenting skills, and value the support they receive from the group leaders and other mothers. However, attending a parenting group that meets weekly for 3 years can be very challenging for mothers due to work schedules, family responsibilities, and problems finding transportation to attend the group meetings.

For me it is appropriate for all the cultures. Because I want to do something different for my children. I feel it is appropriate because it is education. Education is welcome because it is good for us to learn new things on how to educate our children. 

Legacy—reaching across language barriers

Legacy‘s promise among primarily English-speaking mothers has motivated efforts for translation and cultural adaptation as a way to reach more families. Recently, Legacy was translated into Spanish to reach mothers who have less access to information and support due to language barriers. Mothers who attend these groups in their preferred language report learning a lot about their child’s development, interacting more openly with their child, and feeling more confident as parents. Like many other Legacy participants, these mothers also report that finding transportation and time can make it difficult to attend group meetings. Hire a reliable free essay writer who will create an original  child health paper and deliver it on time.

Mothers who primarily speak Spanish in the home report additional challenges; more so than fluently English-speaking mothers, they report feeling socially isolated. Many expressed appreciation for the opportunity that the Legacy (or Legado in Spanish) groups provide to connect with other mothers, to improve their relationship with their child, and for their child to socialize with other children.