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 2 Remarkable College Application Essays - Short Examples

College application essays can be a worst nightmare or more of a daydream. The description of the result depends on the attempt and the validity of attempts depends on the command that you have on writing an essay. Among all the platforms of Write My Paper, it is important to stick around the one that can act as an opportunity basis for future tasks. In other words, if you will pass the college application essay, then you will get a chance to write other essays that will be given to you in the form of assignments.

Considering the significance of the topic and the importance of writing such essays, I am going to share with you scholarship essay examples that can help you get an idea about how an essay looks like. It will also help you know what the major characteristics of the essay are and what are the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to make your essay with the help of an  Essay Writer worth reading.

1-Commitments and destinations

Suppose you are given this topic to write on. Firstly, you are required to define your meaning of commitment and definitions. Then, you are required to explain how commitment and destination are interconnected or what are the actual platforms or meanings that bring them together. After that, you will explain how commitment is parallel to the destination because the more you will stick to your commitments, your destinations will become clearer and there will be a time when your commitment will become your destination. After making such claims, you are required to add a quotation such as, “What you are seeking is actually seeking you –Rumi”. This quote deciphers how commitment and destination are connected by the human intention of achieving some goals or aims. You have to add a quotation and then set a platform for the quotation to adjust with the topic. Then you have to include how your view of commitment brings you to the institution for which you are seeking scholarship or admission. Here you have to be a bit more flattery for the subject i.e. institution for which you are writing because it will add to your confidence as well as to the positive perspective of the evaluator of a college essay writing service. In the end, you have to decipher your goals such as, “for me, my commitment is to strive for the noblest and this major cause brought me here. This cause will not only lighten up my destination but it will add to the overall career worth”.

2-Failure; a blessing

Suppose, this is another topic, on which you are asked to write. In the beginning, you are required to define failure in your words. It is not compulsory to appear more bookish or write more scholarly information, rather you need to be more realistic. After that, you have to share your experience of how failures have made you man of your words and it has lightened up your ways. Then, you can add examples from history in the form of people who have actually strived for success but ended up in failure, and then they took their failure as motivation. You can quote Walt Disney and many such people. In the end, you need to sum-up up your view of failure as a realistic and honest approach to chase the dreams because failure helps you know what you truly strive for.

Going through these two examples, you see how you can write scholarship or college application essays through a Paper Writing Service. These essays will not only be a reflection of your personality but they have to be realistic enough to be valued because it is one of the major benchmarks that can help you earn good grades.